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  • how to clear Logs and other data?

    When the operator transfers a call to a user they keep getting a message that their mail boxes are full, but as you can see they are not, does the large amount of logs and other data have anything to do with it, if so how do we correct this.

    Count Space Used For KB

    Mailboxes 9 Users 14,993
    Messages 47 Recorded Names 192
    Auto-Attendant Prompts 3,132
    Logs and Other Data 1,008,930
    Free 4,218
    Total 1,031,465

  • #2
    it is not referring to memory available, it means that the user has x/x messages. i.e. max msgs is 20, and user has a few saved, a few unheard, totaling 20.

    goto the mailbox settings in their user group and increase the capacity.