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  • User Missing From Directory / Contact Presence Grey

    G'day people, strange one for you!

    We have a user on our in house ShoreTel that although exists in the System Directory has 'gone grey' for other users that have him as a Contact (as if they were an external contact). If you hover over the presence the onHover says "Phone Status N/A". On inspection - he has also disappeared from every PCM's Directory list as well.

    As mentioned, looking on the ShoreWare Director - he is there just like all other extensions on the system. The allow Telephony Presence is checked correctly.

    Suspect this to be a red herring - but will mention anyway. Checked Directory on the handsets, and he is there also - HOWEVER, if you browse to him on the handset Directory and hit dial, instead of showing a list of numbers to reach him (all users on our system have had their mobile numbers, etc... filled in by AD) it just dials the extension number straight away.

    Called TAC on this, and on first inspection advised that a Grey presence was by design for users that are set to Out of Office. I have never seen this before, so changed the user through Director to Standard and the presence in PCM for this user changed to green. Changed him back to Out of Office - and the presence now shows Yellow. TAC bod now accepts that something was wrong when presence showed Grey.

    After making this change to the users call handling, he has now reappeared in PCM Directory for all users. But sadly, as we have now 'fixed' the problem - they say they are unable to persue this as a fault but should call back in if it reoccurs.

    Originally reported by one of our customers. They were installed on 9.1 some time ago and have had the same problem for one user pretty much since install and never reported the issue untill recently. They have been solving the problem by deleting the user and recreating. They are now on the latest 10.2 (Build 15.41.9301.0) as are we.

    Any thoughts..?

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    Hehe, I reported this to TAC about a year ago. About every 3 months, I have the same user disappear. I have to "touch" their account and they come back. I completely deleted the user and re-created, and the issue still happens. At this point, I know this sounds crazy and TAC doesn't believe me, but I think the problem is with the end users PCM. I say this because SOMEHOW this user was able to add in information to their directory listing that is not even something I can add in on the ShorewareDirector page. They filled out their department, etc. and you just can't do that in the Director.

    So, the solution, touch their record once whenever it happens


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      Thanks Rob - was this using AD integration..? I wonder if this is what is filling in that field..?


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        Don't know if it is related or not, but I caught this issue in the build notes for the latest release of 10.2.:
        1-41011659 User can edit and delete their
        system directory entry via Call
        Manager Directory Tab and
        delete phone from system
        No workaround. ShoreTel might resolve
        this issue in a future release.


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          Thanks for that Nick - I cannot find a way to edit or delete from within PCM myself but have asked the end users that this appears to be happening to if they have ever tampered. Will update if I hear anything back...


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            Had a word with an escalations engineer and this is the full notes for that defect. Not sure this is the same as we are experiening.

            Issue: If a PCM user modifies their voicemail notification status it turns their system directory entry into a personal entry. The user is now free to edit any field in the system directory and they can delete themselves from the system directory causing a record in Director that has no username and therefore cannot be modified by Director. Changes made to the username also appear on the userphone. Within 5 minutes of deleting yourself from system directory the user's phone goes to unavailable and cannot be recovered.

            This will be fixed in build 15.42.3100.0 and above.