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  • How to change server and switch IP addresses...

    We are reconfiguring our network (addressing changes). Any static IPs will need to be changed. This will include the Shoretel switch equipment and server IPs.

    I have a few questions. What is the correct order to do this? For example:
    1. Change server IP.
    2. Modify DHCP options to point phones at new server IP.
    3. Login to Director; go into switch management; change switch IPs to new IP addresses
    4. Login to switches via console and change IP addresses on the switches
    5. Log back in to director and in switch management, make sure new switches are found and communicating

    Does this process sound about right? Feel free to correct any steps for me.

    I did not participate in the install so I haven't had to manage the switches before. Are there any instructions on how to change the switch IP addresses or is it pretty straightforward? I assume I will connect to them via cable, reboot the switch, then telnet or SSH into them? Are login credentials needed?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Pretty accurate, but I would add:

    1a: Log into director, go to application servers, and change the IP address of the server there.

    1b: Change the IP address of the server, on the NIC.

    Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to do step 3, if you only changed the IP address on the NIC.

    Console into the switches using Hyperterminal or whatever. 19200 8-N-1

    no telnet or SSH if you are consoled in. Just hit enter, and a menu will come up. No credentials needed. Press 3 for change system configuration, and change the IP address and whatever else.


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      We copied this from a KB article at some point and this is the process we follow:

      What is required to change the IP addresses of ShoreTel system with no Distributed Voice Mail (DVM) servers configured?

      1. Change the IP address on the SG Switches.

      2. Change the IP address in DHCP for the IP Phones or statically on the IP Phones

      3. Change the IP address in Director for Application Server.

      4. Change the Network card IP address.

      5. Change the registry HQ Server IP address. Within Regedit: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Shoreline Teleworks\HQServerAddress

      6. You can then follow one of the two options below:

      a. Restart Method:

      i. Stop TMS
      ii. Open a command prompt - change directory to C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server (or D
      iii. Enter "tms.exe /regserver" and press the ENTER key
      iv. Start TMS

      b. Reboot Method: Simply Reboot the server.


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        Thanks for the replies. I was able to console into the switch and do what I needed to do.
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          Okay, I just followed the steps and changed the IP addresses of the Shoretel system. Quick Look in Director shows that the switches are all up and communicating. DHCP has been changed. Basically we changed our network IP addressing.

          All of the phones do their thing after rebooting and get to Requesting Service and then they report No Service. I can't figure out why they are not working. Anyone have any ideas of what I should try next?


          Still having some trouble but there was one thing that was left off of the list of instructions from the former posts: Phone Address Map. I had to change that to reflect the new high-low IP range for the phones. Now I am able to get a static IP phone to connect. Still having issues with DHCP. Phones just say No Service.

          EDIT II:
          And the next problem I found was that the phones kept the old MGC IP addresses, even after rebooting and so forth. I had to factory reset the phones ( to finally clear out the old/wrong MGC. I then configured the MCG statically and then switched the phone into DHCP mode. Voila.
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            I have a similair issue, but different. Our server room moved to a datacenter (with the HQ Director server), but some Shoretel switch's stayed behind at the office. The main VLAN between the two sites stayed the same as if it were still in the same building.

            We decided to change the office vlan, and make it it's own site. We changed the IP address's of the switch's, but I noticed there's not an easy way to change the site on the switch's. Do I need to delete the switch entries to be able to add them to the new site?

            This might be because the director address didn't change, but even though the voice switch's changed IP address, none of the phones went down or had to be rebooted.