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  • Can I disable LLDP on all phones using DHCP?

    I have a Netgear FSM7328PS switch that keeps losing its LLDP settings and defaults back to Enable. So when I plug an out-of-box phone into it, the boot never completes. It gets is IP address and some other info from DHCP, but not enough to boot completely (gets stuck at MGC I think).

    The switch is out of warranty so I'm trying to tell Shoretel to tell the phones (preferably via DHCP) to disable LLDP. Is that a DHCP setting I can set up? I'm not finding that in the admin guide.

    ST 9.2 14.41.1108

    We don't use VLANing at all.


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    Don't know of a way in DHCP. The only options I know of is disable on data switch or manully disable on the phone.


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      On boot of the phone you can go into setup and toggle lldp off.


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        I was trying to avoid that. I guess I could figure out how to create an LLDP server or something. One of these days when I have time to learn a whole new technology. LOL


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          Dan, I am not sure how your Netgear is out of warranty, conisdering it has a lifetime warranty. As Netgear partner, it is large selling factor. Here is a link to the latest firmware, that also includes support for LLDP. Answer

          See item 2 for specific instructions on using LLDP with the newest build.

          Good Luck Dan