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  • Roaming Profiles

    G'day people - customer using roaming profiles. At start and close of play hundreds of users logon/off within seconds of eachother. They have provided a statistic that 83% of roaming profile data moving is within the users ShoreWare Client folder.

    They have asked me to advise ways of reducing the impact of this. Changing log sizes/days/etc.. is not a problem.

    However - has anyone ever come across a way to NOT synchronise the data..? I have never had the pleasure of working with Roaming Profiles, so possibly a little out of my depth - but within windows do you have the ability to exclude folders within users folders to not be synchronised..?

    Alternatively is there a way to set PCM's user folder elsewhere..? Found KB 14808 that suggests it can be done - but warns this will break HTTP links..?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    On my machine, the log files are not large compared to the chm files in that folder. If your users don't need access to help, I'd recommend deleting the chm files.

    If you press Ctrl+F12 in Call Manager, you should get to a hidden diagnostic screen where you can set:
    * Maximum daily log size
    * Maximum total log size
    * Log retention period

    These are stored in the registry-per user, I think.

    EDIT: This is per-machine, not per-user.
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      Thanks for that - help files only tot up to just over 6MB on my system here. Customer ICT department user is saying he has 230MB total. Logs, History and Help. My PCM logs about 8MB/day - I'm thinking he might need to tweak down his logging settings ;o)

      One suggestion I have had is to run logon/off scripts - one to relocate the contents of the ShoreWare Client on logoff and then one to put them back again.