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  • ShoreWare Voice Mail Notification

    We have a mailbox set up for our "Help Desk" that takes a message then sends it as a WAV attachment to an e-mail distribution group. This works great, but now I am being picky :_tongue:

    Is there a way to change the text of the e-mail that is sent out?

    For example, the current text says "You have received a voice mail from John Doe, 1234 for mailbox 4321." I would like it to say the name of the destination mailbox, not just the extension number.

    Another note, if it is possible, what about the subject of the e-mail? Haha this might be going too far.
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    Currently this is not possible, the only thing you can change in director is the from address, which doesn't help you.


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      What you would need to look for is the template that the ShoreTel builds this email off of. If I had to guess it would be integrated directly into the ASP or PHP page that builds the email. Editing this would be pretty straight forward once you found what you are looking for, but would definitely be outside the range of ShoreTel support if you mucked something up. Take a backup and be prepared to repair the system if you try this approach. Pallito consulting might be willing to do this for you, they have done similar stuff.


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        It is sounding like it isn't going to be a good idea, especially because there is no telling whether this change would be system wide of mailbox specific, but I am almost positive it would end up being system wide. Thanks for the responses. I will poke around a bit and see what I can find.


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          This change cannot be made within the ShoreTel voice mail system itself because of the way the message is build (Strings are in LanguageStrings.dll and they are printf-style, so you can;t add new data to them). ShoreTel always relays through a local email server. I would recommend you replace this email server with one which allows running a script when an inbound message is received. I've done this before with messages from a fax server and it works well.


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            This sounds interesting. We are currently running Exchange 2007 and I'm sure we can set that up. I will have to talk to our network admin and see what he thinks.