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  • Return to default CHM greetings

    My customer wants to record a personal Out of Office greeting for a specific time frame, then when he returns, wants to revert to the ShoreTel default greeting for his Out of Office CHM. Is this possible? The admin at the customer site is trying to discourage him, but he is pushing, ergo the question... Sue~

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    To my knowledge, no this is not standard. Note that you can replace greetings by simply replacing wave files on the server, so it is quite possible.


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      Return CHM greetings to default

      I have had this very same request a few times.

      Delete the xxxxGreet03_0x.wav file from their directory under \Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\xxxx
      It will then play the Shoretel default for that chm.

      On v switches move the mailbox first to the hq or a dvm in director, delete the file then move it back.


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        This can be done via the phone.

        1. Set your call handling mode to Out of Office (or whichever greeting you'd like to delete).
        2. Login to voice mail via the phone
        3. Press 7 for Mailbox options
        4. Press 1 to record a personal greeting
        5. Press 3 to remove the recording. This will set the greeting back to the 'canned' system recording.