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  • Server Link Speed

    My Switches are all hard cooded 100mb full duplex. Yesterday I realized that the ShoreTel server itself is set to auto negotiate. Should the server be changed as well?

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    Not necessarily.
    The reason the switches are hard configured to 100 Full duplex is that there may have been a problem with them using auto negotiation on whatever your network switches are.
    If the server is set to auto and so is the network port it is connected to, and they have correctly negotiated the speed and duplex (and it matches at both sides of the link) then there should be no need to change it.


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      Port Settings

      It has been my experience that both sides should be auto, or both sides be hard set to the same settings.

      Leaving one side to auto negotiate, and the other to be set firm has caused problems for me in the past.

      It has been a LONG time since I have seen problems with Auto Detection on anything, it is 2010 and the standard has been around a long time.


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        So you are suggesting that if the CISCO switches and ShoreTel Switches are 100 mb full duplex, then the shoretel server should be as well, correct?


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          Link Speed


          If you have hard forced your cisco switches to only work on 100/Full duplex, I would hard code any device plugged into them for 100/full instead of auto negotiate.

          Other than really OLD cisco gear, auto/auto on everything is easier, and should work fine.


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            We are running all Cisco gear and haven't had any issues with auto negotiate.