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  • Call Manager not connecting and CSISSvr logs

    I'm working on a user's issue in which they can't get their Call Manager into call handling mode when they are connected to the company's Windows VPN from home networks. The firewall and Active Directory permissions have been ruled out - they both allow any needed connections.

    So using in-house 'testing' connections to the Internet, I was able to reproduce the same issue on my Windows XP machine 2 out of 4 times. On all times I used the http://{CSIS testing link}. When the PCM was in full operational mode, the tests were successful, I would get the numbers on the screen. When PCM wouldn't allow all call handling modes to be active, I got nothing.

    So I went to the CSISSvr logs, looked for any connections from my laptop during the testing time period, and found this a number of times - 8064: (7172) 14:57:31.300 CDT [CSIS-ISAPI] (Error) [my laptop].[me]: CSIS_INVALIDUSERNAME (0xC110070C)

    What is this error telling me? I could restart the CSIS service, but would rather figure this out first. We are on version 9.1, soon to upgrade to 10.x