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  • Server 2008 and MYSQL

    I have a customer who is running Shoretel 10.1 on Server 2008. They are trying to get the ODBC connector to work (trying to run reports in Excel). I have been able to get everything to work on my test system (ST 10.1, Excel 2007, Server 2003) but cant get it to work on thier system. The only difference between the two is they are running Server 2008.

    When I open the connection in Excel it tells me there are no visible tables in shorewarecdr.

    Does anyone have experience with Server 2008? Is it possible its not setup correctly, or could it be that the problem be Server 2008?

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    Are you connecting to the correct port? CDR is on port 4039.


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      Yes, we are connecting to port 4309 or 4308 depending on the database we are looking for.

      On my server 2003 system I have it setup under "MYSQL ODBC 5.1 Driver". On the server 2008 system I am unable to get it to connect using this driver in Control Panel > Admin Tools > Data Sources . When I try it doesnt have a section for "Server" it requests "TCP/IP Server" and I am unable to get it to work no matter what combination of IP or hostname and port number I put in.

      I can only get it to connect user "MYSQL ODBC Shoreware Driver", When I go into Excel and try to connect it tells me "There are no visible tables"


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        Are both servers the same?
        Both 32 bit or 64 bit and both Intel?
        I have seen ODBC drivers fail on 64 bit and work on 32 bit.
        I have also seen ODBC drivers fail on AMD 64 bit and work on Intel 64 bit.
        (although not specifically this driver)
        I think this ODBC driver may have a 32 bit and a 64 bit version though.

        Not sure, just something else to check.