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  • How to log off a user

    I wonder if someone can help me? We run a number of Hot Desks and sometimes users forget to log out. Is there a way of kicking them out using Director?

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    you mean auotmatically or just a person going into director and logging them off?


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      Either way would be nice but manually ideally


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        On ShoreTel 10, if you have IP phones assigned to the user, there is a Go To Primary Phone button in Director. Unfortunately this does not look like it works for users who are not assigned to an IP phone.

        But now I'm wondering: Log out of a workgroup or unassign an extension from the phone.... What specifically are you trying to do?
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          if you go into the workgroups and select the workgroup they are a member of, click edit agents, find the user in the right hand column and double click on them, shoud bring up a pop up that lets you choose logged in or out. just choose and make sure you hit save on the workgroup membership page. This can also be done on the individual user page by selecting the person and going the the workgroups section of their account, on that page there is a logged in, logged out radio button. Chnage it and hit save.


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            Or easier yet if we are talking a single user...

            Go into the user in question and click the work groups tab at the top of the page and then select the "logged out" radio button and then click save.

            Or do what Palitto recommends if you are trying to remove the user from the phone. With one addition, if the user in question does not have an IP phone you can go into the "rightful" owner of the phone in question and click the go home button. This will remove the current user and re-assign the phone to the "normal" person.



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              Hi GBRawn, the Users using hotdesk should be set to have their Home/Primary phone to Softswitch. Then take a look at AN 104 on the ShoreTel Support site which describes how to configure the Microsoft ScriptHlp COM to change certain User settings including sending the User to their Home port (which in your case will be Softswitch). I believe it is also possible to puchase the "Sending Home" Script which has ben produced by ShoreTel Professional Services Team.