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  • Extension Transfer Failing For Remote Sites

    Some of my users travel between offices on a fairly regular basis, and standard practice is for them to pull their extension to whichever phone they need (via voicemail options). This works all the time when moving extensions inside the main site, but pulling between sites has been a problem. Is there any reason why pulling an extension to a different site (separate DVM, Switch, Etc.) would not work?

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    does the other switch have available ports?


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      Originally posted by slattin View Post
      does the other switch have available ports?
      The switch where the problem most recently occured shows only 28/55 phones in use, so there should be plenty of IP end points available.

      I was able to manually unassign the phone the user was attempting to use, and assign him to that phone and then back when he came back to his home office, but that is a painful manual process.


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        What version of ShoreTel are you running? Can you check the DEP settings on your Remote Server and set it Turn DEP on for Essetial Windows programs and Services