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  • Security Call Routing

    I have been searching around but not being able to come up with a solution, if one exists.

    We are a school district and are converting to Shoretel (yea!), but I have ran into a configuration snag.

    We had a security hotline that rings the administration and security phones with a defined ringtone. Currently I have a hunt group setup that does the same, except the ringtone. Is there any call routing method that would allow for a custom ringtone to be used for the hotline, ie Ring 4.

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    I believe it depends on version, but in some versions you can set up call rules. It unfortunately is a user setting, so it would have to be configured for each user. However you can set a rule than any time the phone is called from number xxx-xxxx use ring#4. I believe this feature was made available in 8.0 and later, but I could be wrong on the exact version it started on. I use 9.2 and have used it a few times with no problems.


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      8.0+ introduced the new Communicator (previously Call Manager) client that included a new Professional Mode. The Professional Call Manager allows the creation of Personalized Call Handling rules. With these rules, you can match on a wide variety of variables (including internal extensions) and tell it to play one of the 4 Shoretel ringtones.

      This license is $80 per user and the rules run on the SG switch once enabled.