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  • Shoretel getting hacked via DTMF?

    Has any heard of Shoretel getting hacked through the voicemail system via DTMF, or any other ways to hack Shoretel?

    We got a call from one of our service providers suggesting our PBX was hacked because at 2am someone made a call from one of our DID's to another number, and stayed on the call for 8 hours.

    Our DID belongs to a analog conference phone, and the call was made to a pager number.

    I'm guessing someone from the cleaning crew paged someone, and didn't hang-up the conference phone, but running logs (either on the extension or all trunks), I don't see the call in question. Is there any point where a call runs so long that it's not tracked anymore?

    Unfortunately, I didn't take the call from the Telco, but I've since called them request PRI/Channel info, and to verify the numbers involved that I was given was correct.

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    you're going to want the tmsncc log for that day. It will tell you who dialed what.


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      The telco was off on the time that they told us (I'm guessing they told us the time the alert came in to them). I had the report time scope narrowed to just the overnight hours, when the call was actually started in the afternoon.

      It was just someone not hanging up after paging someone else.