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  • Forwarding outside line to particular extension bypassing main corp number

    Hello all!
    Somewhat new to Shoretel but this site has so far proven unbelievably helpful compared to the obfuscated manual.

    I have the following issue.

    Had an user who was having a private line as well as an extension on the main line, so calls dialed in from the outside on his private line would directly forward to his extension.

    I had to remove the user and now need to set up same type of user on the same line but somehow am unable to get it to automatically forward to his extension. I assigned the user the direct line # into the user set up but whenever I am dialing from outside the call goes to the main corp. number. Any ideas what I might be missing/having done wrong?

    Thanks for you help!

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    What kind of trunk is the line coming in on (I assume a T1 or PRI from your description). Is there a DNIS or DID entry pointing the desired digits to the users extension? Have you talked to your partner? More details and I can give better help.


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      It is coming on T1.

      Not aware of DNIS or DID entry but can look it up, no idea where though.


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        Each user has the option of getting a did assigned to them, these DID's are assigned to the trunk and then can be assigned to users from that point on the individual users page. Assuming you have removed the previous user from the system then the DID should be made available on the new users individual user page. Hope this makes sense.


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          The number dialed should fall in the DID range that is set up. if there isn't a DID range then try using DNIS to route the call to the person.


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            Under Trunk Group for the PRI, look at the DNIS Map - add an entry for the last 4 digits of the private line (if your DID DNIS is 4) and a destination of the users extension.