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  • VPN for remote offices

    Have been trying to set up VPN between HQ and two remote offices. HQ has SonicWall TZ210 in aggressive mode going out through Comcast cable modem set to psuedo "bridge mode". Remote offices have SonicWall TZ100s. I have been advised that the remote cable/DSL modems will have to be set to bridge mode also. This does not sit well with remote users since it will take down any firewall protection they have. BTW, remote offices have IP230 and POE injectors. It has been frustrating, even with assistance of a Comcast engineer and Shoretel partner tech support help. Shoretel version 10.1.

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    Why would you be concerned about placing the modems in bridge mode if you have a SonicWall? You do realize this SonicWall has a full-fledged SPI firewall? Perhaps I misunderstand.


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      If you are referring to the TZ100's no I did not realize they have a firewall too. I'll have to check that out.