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  • ShoreTel Call Manager running slow

    We have a couple of front desk people that have over 200 Contacts in their Call Manager that they monitor presence info. They also usually have several other windows open (Outlook, IE sessions, Word) and they regularly run into what seems to be performance issues with the ShoreTel Call manager. Calls are slow to pop up, presence info is slow, etc. Is 200 Contacts to much? The workstations they have run with 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 2.40 GHz & Win XP Pro. The ShoreTel Director server does not seem to busy at the time either.

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    What version of Shoretel are you running? I noticed that since Shoretel 8.1, it's become bloatware. I've suggested through my vendor to Shoretel that they really need to come up with a LITE version of CM. No one, and I mean NO ONE, needs to have video, chat, nor any of those bells and whistles that come with the package. That just makes it, well, BLOATWARE.

    I know what you mean and sympathize with you; the machines they're using seem to be ample for the Shoretel product - but where Shoretel fails is their denial to create a LITE version of CM - something that will work on any computer and they need to knock out some of the overhead.


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      we are running ShoreTel 9.1.

      I agree, the ShoreTell call manager is fat and needs an extreme diet!


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        Ask your vendor to start pressing Shoretel to release a LITE CM. Some of our users don't even bother starting it up and some have deleted it as well. For some, like myself, find it a useful tool.

        One tip I've learned: If you get any user complaining about it running slow, tell them to launch CM before Outlook if they're running integration. I find that helps sometimes.

        I run 8.1 CM on a Win7 64-bit workstation but it's running in XP mode (virtual); it actually runs pretty good, just takes a bit longer to launch.