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    10.1 Installed

    Not that important, just interested if anyone knows how long deleted voice messages stay in the deleted area.

    Im having some issues where user mailboxes are filling up and not emptying, this requires me to log on to the server and purge them.

    Is there a default time to clear or do they clear every time you log off.

    Any ideas ?

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    There's a value for this under the users Voicemail Class of Service.

    The three values you can set are:
    Delete Saved / Unheard Messages after (7 - 2000) days
    Delete Heard Messages after (7 - 2000) days
    Enable Auto-Delete Notification"

    If they are using the default "Large Mailbox" COS these values aren't set and will stay until manually removed.


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      Thanks for the reply I will check this out


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        The Voicemail also does housekeeping every 2.00am and will remove all deleted messages if they are older than 6 hours if not then they get deleted the following morning