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  • 220T1 - disable port out of service message?

    We recently reconfigured our ShoreTel installation so that our 220T1 is no longer connected to a PRI and is only used for IP Phones. When we disconnected the PRI, we set the protocol type to CAS to disabled the red alert condition in the Quick Look. However, the Quick Look still shows a "port out of service" with a warning level and the 220T1 itself has a red blinking warning light. Is there a way to tell the 220T1 to ignore the T1 port?

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    Same question here. We have a 220T1 being used only for IP phones. I have a T1 loopback in the front, and those error lights are green, but I still see a error in Director for the D-Channel being down.

    How do I go about fixing this?


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      Is this a temporary or a permanent thing? If permanent, you need to un-provision the T1/PRI and change the ports to "Available" or "IP Phones" etc. so the system will ignore those ports. If temporary, you need can change the T1 to be CAS and install the loopback jack. If you can't do either of these... You are stuck.. ShoreTel will monitor it as PRI, and say D Channel Down, regardless of the loopback jack. Keep in mind the Loopback jack is only to satisfy the "Hardware". The D-Channel is a software thing... It wants to see the 24th channel up and reporting healthy before it will go green.


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        Change the protocol to CAS and that will go away, keep in mind if you have an emergency and need to change the PRI/T1 over to that switch you will have to reboot it to change the protocol.


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          Unfortunately on a 220E1, there is no option for CAS. I really think they should make an option to turn off the E1/T1 side, since they market it as also being able to host 220 IP Phones...