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  • Can someone answer a softphone question

    Can you use the softphone application via a Windows Terminal Server? I enabled the pro call manager and allow use of softphone in director in 10.1 for my customer, but the softphone option has not "shown up" as an option in his call manager. He logs out and logs back in but it does not show up. Do you need to reboot the windows terminal server to enable this option for just one user? We are testing with one user but will be changing it to another and I don't really want to reboot it yet again.. Can someone help out a noobie.. Terminal server 2003 and the thin clients are XP..

    thanks guys.

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    This is not going to work well.

    1. TS audio is speaker-only. I don;t think the capability to redirect microphones is included.
    2. Quality is going to be poor. The delay introduced by TS does not interact well with the anti-jitter algorithm in network audio protocols.