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  • Shoretel Call Manager

    End users are getting popups ever 5-20 seconds (doesn't have an exact time pattern) from the Shoretel Call Manager Software. From what I've checked it doesn't matter what version of the Call Manager they are running.

    Most are running:
    Shoretel 10.2
    PCM Build 15.41.3005.0

    The popup says the following:
    The configuration server is unavailable (followed immediately by)
    The configuration server is now available

    Ping shows no connectivity loss with the server, we've tried unassigning then re-assigning the phone, a registry key (changed from 1 to 0):

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client]

    But it doesn't help. Any ideas? TAPI looks good everything looks fine. Re-installed the client after uninstalling. For those who had the older client we uninstalled that then installed the lastest one. But they still get the message.

    I found another post back in 2008 who had the same issue but no resolution was ever posted.

    While typing this I've had it already pop up about 7 times


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    Give this a shot.

    Disable the Windows Firewall service on the client PC located under Admin tool > Services > Windows firewall > Right click and select Disable or Manual.
    If this fixes the issue, re-enable the firewall and configure an exception for Call Manager.

    Check Proxy settings under IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server if enabled and being used then add exception <IP of the ShoreWare Server>.

    If proxy is enabled but not configured then disable it.

    Exit CM and then re-launch it.


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      Hi Nathan, Thanks for the quick response.

      Proxy is enabled and the exception is already set

      I have disabled Proxy and restarted the PC and still get the pop-ups.

      The Windows Firewall is Off (Disabled), I just closed CM, set the service to manual and stopped the service. Started CM and after about 1 minute I got a pop-up already.

      Any other ideas? Any help is appreciated!


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        Can you do a CSIS ping from that workstation? Open IE and copy / paste this line in the address bar and post the return value.

        Replace <IP> with the IP of your ShoreWare Director.



        Also enable CSIS logging from PCM and post the log file.


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          I wish I had a document or KB article handy to point you toward. This was a bug in a previous release. I first ran into it on version 9.1. I believe it was fixed by 10.2. See if the PCs that are having the trouble are all running the same version of the PCM.

          Hope that helps.



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            Seems to be fixed. It was due to the Proxy. I had to also add the DNS name of the shoretel server not just the ip address. Once that was in it worked. Thanks for all the replies!



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              No problem, glad to hear it's up and working!


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                Dewman, to what did you have to add the DNS name of the shoretel server? To the firewall exceptions or to the proxy exceptions or both?