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  • Outbound Caller ID on Voice Mail Ports

    Question on Caller ID on voice mail notifications. I have a Nuvox PRI Ver2 which allows me to send out any caller ID. For example if my phone is forwarded to my call phone. And someone calls my DID and it goes to my cell. I get the caller ID of the person calling me. Thatís great works fine. Hereís the rub. I have a night drop box for the on call person. Call comes in goes to the drop box and the voice mail call the on call cell phone. On call person listens to message and the press 5 and 2 to do a call back. The system is sending the on call persons cell number. I want to send the caller id of the main. I call ShoreTel and they couldnít come up with anything. So is there a place in SQL were I can control the voice mail caller ID? Thanks