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  • Shortel & Active Directory


    Soon to be rolling out Shoretel (I think V10) and I was wondering what the AD integration is like as I've as yet been unable to find a list.

    I did see a comment from a user with regards to shoretel 9 saying that it didn't import phone number....and to me this utterly defeats the purpose of directory integration.

    If someone could shed some light, that would be nice


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    The best benefit is using AD integration is the username and password synchronization. The integration does pull information from AD, but it does not push information to AD.


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      The ad integration is mostly for the shoretel client login. The only other thing it adds is to fill in First Name, Last Name and E-Mail Address.

      Calling it AD "integration" is a stretch.


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        With AD integration you are still keeping seperate user databases(AD and ShoreTel). It is not a feature that makes it easier to manage shoretel users, which is what many people expect it to be. We have a client with strict Password and Security polices and AD integration allows them to be in compliance with corporate policy(password length, age, etc). It is way easier to say the Call Manager passwords are subject to the same policy as AD than to try to manage it again with ShoreTel Director. Also, there are some other security issues in larger organizations about the hashing algorithm used to store the PCM password on the workstation or how that password is transmitted over the network.... Even though it is stored securly on the workstation(something we had to work with ShoreTel to verify) it is much better to leverage the security/authentication mechanisms of AD which are well known by the security guy. My advice is, unless you are in a situation where you have to deal with coporate security BS don't worry about using AD integration as of yet.

        Here is the link to our article on how to set it up.

        How to enable ShoreTel Integration with Active Directory - CIO Solutions