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  • ShoreTel_Dave
    I have it configured using the settings at the bottom of the switch parameters to ftp itself back to the HQ server.
    You need to enable write access on the IIS FTP server. It is also a good idea to create a subfolder (call it vmbackups) and then under there create more folders, one per v switch. My switches tend to have a structured naming convention:

    STST = Site Code
    SG## = Switch type SG90, SG90V etc...
    ## = some unique number 01,02,03 etc...

    The folders under vmbackups corespond to the name of the switch.

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  • dcommittee
    started a topic 50V/90V FTP backup

    50V/90V FTP backup

    Any tips on setting up daily backups for a 50v or 90v switch? What FTP client have you used? Any issues? thx