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  • CDR Reports Blank Version 10.2

    I recently did a clean install of Director version 10.2. The phones have been setting on desks for about 1.5 weeks and I know that people have been calling eachother.

    When I pull any of the CDR reports a new window pops up and it is blank. The browser says the page is loaded but it is white. When I go to the print preview screen I only see the web page header and footer info.

    I am running the report from the server. I am running a 2008R2 server. Any ideas?

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    Please note that 10.2 does not list 2008 R2 (Which is 64-bit) as a supported operating system.


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      Silly question have you checked the "Do you want the report to show internal calls?" flag. I did say it was a silly question (the default is NO)