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  • NO MCG Error on remote site phones

    I'm having an issue with our config at a remote site that we just setup.

    We have a corporate office running a few SG90's and a T1 switch. These are on a voice VLAN with HP ProCurve switching and a SonicWALL NSA 2400 firewall. A Windows server is doing both the data and voice VLAN's DHCP and there's a opiton 4 for NTP and option 156 for ShoreTel TFTP set here. Everything works fine here.

    We also have a remote site that's connected back to the main site via site to site VPN. A SonicWALL NSA 2400 also resides here. The SonicWALL is doing DHCP and we've added the custom scope options for 156 TFTP. That works fine. When I add the scope option for NTP to point back to the domain controller on the network across the VPN then I get the NO MCG ERROR on the phones and they won't boot.

    Our main site is using VLANs and our remote site is a flat network. Site to site VPN between two sonicwall firewalls. The remote site boots fine with no NTP setting in DHCP on the firewall, only time and date are wrong. When I add the 156 option I get the NO MCG error on the phones.

    What needs to happen here to make this work. I've tried both an NTP server on our VPN network and also using the IP for for an external one. No go.