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  • Used IP Phone Question

    We were given a batch of IP210s recently. Most worked when plugged into our newly installed Shoregear Switches. 3 are trying to find an FTP server on a different subnet and eventually display No Service.

    It appears that these have been programmed with some static settings. Any ideas of the best way to reset these phones to factory defaults so they can simply obtain a DHCP IP address?

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    Easiest way is probably going to each phone and entering mute+clear# on the keypad.

    Press the mute key first, type out clear (25327) then press #. The phone will say "Clear all Values *=Yes #=No" Press * to clear and reset.

    EDIT: you're a Maine-iac! Got a bunch of family up in the Limerick/Cornish area and a summer house there. Welcome!


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      Thanks, Nathan. I just tried your suggestion, punched in the clear command then pound at the prompt. The next thing I saw was an attempt to reach the FTP server at 172.n.n.n address. This subnet is neither my voice subnet nor my data network... it appears that the clear command is not working. Is there anything quirky about the timing of pressing mute, etc?


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        Mute 73887 # will allow you to set all the individual values.