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  • Simultaneous Workgroup Error

    Has anyone seen this problem? We have our main workgroup that actually takes the calls and another one that just allows the supervisors to see who is in their workgroup and it was this workgroup that I was trying to add someone to.

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    The message seems pretty self-explanatory: Workgroups configured for simultaneous ring cannot have more than 16 members. Perhaps you could change the workgroup ring type to something besides simultaneous, since it sounds like no one should ever be calling this workgroup anyway?


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      I guess I should read what it is saying better.

      Thanks for the insight and the quick response.


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        Anyone know of a way to get more than 16 members in a simultaneous ring? This is the same limit in HG.


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          ShoreTel Multi-Super Group Application

          The Multi-Super Group is a custom telephony application developed by ShoreTel Professional Services. The application provides a simultaneous ring capability to a group of stations. While ShoreTel’s built in Workgroups and Huntgroups support a simultaneous ring feature, they are limited to 16 members. This application overcomes that limitation and supports multiple groups.
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          BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
          1(800) 289-0299