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  • random calls to 911

    I am having a problem with our system randomly dialing 911. When I look at the trunk detail report it shows the Dialed # as 9911 and the Calling # as Unknown and coming from different channels on the trunks. Also, when I look at the Application log in the Event Viewer it shows something like this “Switch SG-220T-1: Emergency Services Call to 911 on port 1 from user 5„˙^~…Ý at"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Build 14.6.2401.0
    Boot ROM Version:
    Firmware Version: 14.6.2401.0
    CPU Board Version: Fab 2 (Opt 2)
    CPU Board FPGA Version: 70

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    The tmsncc log would be useful.


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      Uhmmm, didn't even know about that... Thanks for that. I took a look at the log and cut out a portion. If you need the whole thing, let me know.
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        Is Tandem Trunking Checked?

        It appears you are receiving the digits 9111 from the carrier, and ShoreTel is going "Oh Crap, it's a 911 call" and dialing 911


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          Yes, Tandem Trunking is checked. I don't know if it is supposed to be or not but, it hasn't changed since the system went in over a year ago (before my time here). No changes had been made when the problem first started. It just appeared on Friday of last week; by the close of business it stopped. Then, here we are today, and it's happening again.

          It appears you are receiving the digits 9111 from the carrier
          That's what I was thinking. When this happened last week the Calling number was a random sting of numbers. I called the carrier last week and they told me that it couldn't be their system causing the problems because it was a PRI.

          Is there any terminology I should use when speaking with the carrier to convey the problem I am having?

          Thanks again for your help on this.
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            I'd start with unchecking tandem trunking. That is for having one trunk call out another trunk.


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              Just be aware if you disable tandem trunking that there are features your users may be using that require this functionality.


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                Yeah, I can't disable tandem trunking. We use that feature extensively. I have an open case with the carrier to see if the can clear things up on their end.


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                  You want to leave tandem trunking enabled in the users group, but unless the trunk is tied to another PBX, you want it unchecked in the Trunk Group.

                  Also, I might set a DID or DNIS entry to 9111 to point to something specific.