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  • SMB Server

    I am wondering if anyone has any help on this one. We have quite a few customers where we installed the small business package which comes with a dell "tower" server. They are all connected to UPS but I have one problem site where the power will go out for the entire weekend and obviously the UPS will not hold it up for that long. Is there a way for that server to actually power back up instead of having someone physically press the power on button? I know this is not really a shoretel thing but I wonder if anyone has come across a way to fix this?


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    All modern machines I've worked on have the ability to power on when power is restored. This can be configured in the BIOS. I would recommend you configure your UPS to power down when the battery is, say, 50% depleted and power back up when it is 75% charged. When the UPS powers back up, the machine should turn on.

    The reason I recommend such a high threshold on the battery discharge is because most UPSs use a lead-acid battery. A lead-acid battery left discharged for a significant amount of time degrades rapidly.