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    This might be an easy answer for someone:
    I am programming a new system and I can't find where to put in the customers email information so that when you add a new user, it automatically comes up with the correct email suffix. Ie) [email protected]

    What happens now is it the system comes up with [email protected]

    Where do I go to make the to be

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    I think if you configure the first user correctly, then use the copy feature, it will have the right domain.

    I also thought there was somewhere in there, called email domain, or something like that...I cant remember that one off the top of my head.


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      Yes, found the users information gets kept.. found another item.. I have to use a min password length of 6 digits and I have changed this in the system options but now every time I go to add a user, I have to change the user to a min 6 digit password. Is there a way to change the default 1234 password to 123456 so I dont have to keep changing it?


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        question, how do you change the default email domain when creating a new user.


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          I found that if you change the first one correctly, every user after that, some of the information gets passed along to the next user via a cookie.. thanks for the help!


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            You can also change the email domain using the batch update utility