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  • Hunt Group Modifications

    First Post here, new to ShoreTel (sort of) ~ Howdy doody!

    I'm trying to find out how to make some changes to one of our hunt groups, in that two of the people in the department don't want their phones to ring when the main number is called, but they want to be able to still pick up the call if nobody else has. It would seem that one of the buttons on the right side would be able to "light up" or otherwise indicate an incoming call, and that they could pickup the handset and press the button to pickup the call. I just can't find where to make these kinds of changes.

    Thanks much in advance!

    Phones are 530's & 560's.

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    It sounds like something very similar to what we do here.

    Our "Receptionist" is a Hunt group. It was made this way so we can put people in and out of the receptionist hunt group depending on who was working the front desk that week.

    We simply programmed a "Pickup" button on everyone's phone in the lobby area. The Pickup button points to the receptionist hunt group.

    When the main number is called, the two people or so in the receptionist hunt group phones ring. Everyone else in the lobby has a button that lights up. They can hear the receptionist phone ringing and/or see the light on their phone and pickup by pressing the button.

    The only catch is you have to be within earshot of the receptionist phone.

    The hunt group also makes scheduling holidays much easier for us.


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      Under the users account in the Shoreware directory go to “personal options” click “program IP phone buttons” then for 530's use the top 3 on 560 phone use the top 6. Make one Function "pickup" Label the function then add the extension.


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        Thanks for the help!

        I found the root cause. We recently moved from another building, and one of the phones didn't get plugged in. Of course I can't find that phone right now, and we don't know where it will live when we do come across it, so I had to keep moviong forward.

        I got a little further, but cannot find anything labeled "Program IP Phone Buttons". Under Personal Options, I went to Monitor Extensions from IP Phone, and found the original settings. I changed them to now monitor a phone in the common area, but their phones are still ringing when the main number is dialed. They can pickup via the button that says "Main".

        Any ideas, other than telling them to just deal with the damn phone ring like everyone else?


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          It might be labeled something else depending on the ver of ShoreTel your on.


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            what version of Shoretel are you on? Below is what we did for 7.x

            You have to go into the Shoreware Director. Go to the User Account. Go to Personal Options, then Program IP Buttons

            I attached a screenshot of the page you want to be at and of the button.

            After you have them monitoring the correct extension you will have to take them out of the hunt group. That will keep their phone from ringing when the hunt group is called.
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              Yeah, I'm on a different version. We have it working ok now, their phones still ring but I showed them how to adjust the volume and that was "acceptable".