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  • Blocking Caller ID

    Blocking CID

    Current setup:
    4 sites, 3 remote sites connected to Headquarters and each other via VPN tunnel. Site to Site bandwidth could be described as “ at Best “ poor. As such bandwidth allocation for shoretel voice has been set at zero. Site to site calls and transfers are using IP failover using DDI numbers. Client has 1300 toll free number used for all incoming calls, calls are then transferred to the users via Ext transfer/ DDI failover.

    Client wants to keep all DDI numbers undisclosed to internal staff . While I can blocked outbound CLI presentation. Any user ringing an ext at another site (IP Failover) has the called DDI appear on the callers phone( ie: this is the number you dialled). And also pushing the info key display’s own DDI number. Any way this can be blocked from displaying on handset or call manager?

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    Can you confirm that you are not using DNIS Map instead of DDI as someone may have programmed the DNIS name as the called DDI number worth a check