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  • Information about the TmsNcc and TMS-CDR log files

    Does anyone have any doc or insight on what the information in the TmsNcc log file is?

    Looks like alot of good info in there for troubleshooting just need to know how to read it :_smile:

    Also does anyone know how to turn on the TMS-CDR Media Stream Statistics to log file feature that they talk about on page 506 of the Administrator guide? We are running 10.1 and im not seeing that registry key on our system


    Update: Search is my friend :blushing: but I still didnt give alot of info, still cant find anything on TMS-CDR
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    The output in TMS is a bit variable as it is mainly used only for debugging and troubleshooting. I guess the devs and and remove things between versions and builds for their own needs rather than for everybody's consumption.

    Interpretation of the TMS logs is down to experience, the best way I can suggest to gain the experience is the experiment with test calls.

    If you make a call with your ShoreTel phone and obtain the call GUID (Call Manager -> History -> Right Click Call -> Properties -> Support Info will get you the GUID)
    Search for this in the TMS-NCC file coresponding for the date of the call and then just keep searching until there arn't any more found. You can observe the progress of the call from cradle to grave.
    Sometimes there are a few rows either side of the line containing the GUID which go with the call.


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      mainly what i use the tmsncc file for, is searching for the guid (or dialed digits, incoming caller id) and isolating call setup and disconnect times. then i can goto my d channel capture and figure out whats going on with calls (failures).


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        Thanks for the feedback guys, sure would be nice of them to document it

        Also I talked to support about TMS-CDR Media Stream Statistics and he had no clue on what I was talking about... even though I pointed it out in the admin guide to him (why do I pay for support again?)

        So after doing some digging in the database I found pretty much the same info in the shorewarecdr database under the mediastream table