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  • Schedules on Workgroups

    for some reason the schedules for my workgroups are not being applied properly now. No changes in the system. Running 7.5 12.12.6117. Is very sporadic. Started with just one workgroup and has now migrated to several others. I can change the schedule assigned to none and it will toggle the setting from off hours to on or vice a verse. Have deleted and recreated both schedules and workgroups without success. Am having to monitor schedules thru 3 time zones twice a day to verify that they work. Ticket open with TAC without any success to date.
    Anyone seen this before?

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    I have seen this on version 7, build 12.5.8107. I spent an hour troubleshooting the workgroup and decided to remove the schedule and the workgroup finally went to on-hours.

    Customer does not provide open remote access, so I left it in their hands to rebuild the schedule.


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      You are probably dealing with a bug, we are running 7.5 12.12.6113 and will not upgrade to 6117 hearing this.


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        If you depend on schedules to control your call flow then I definately wouldn't upgrade until we get this resolved. All schedules were applied to the workgroups correctly last night, but 2 of the 4 didn't work this morning. No word from TAC as of yet. Pain in the a$$ but at least I can monitor remotely.


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          Is it possible that you have some sort of clock problem? If you were syncing time from something that was jumping the time around it would surely play havoc on your schedules.......

          just a thought of something easy to check.


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            Time is syncing across the network properly. Am leaning towards the schedule not applying to multiple workgroups at the same site with this release. My location in Denver has 1 schedule applied to one workgroup and hasn't given me any issues. My other 2 locations have a specific schedule applied to multiple workgroups. I am seeing it being applied to only one of the workgroups it is assigned to randomly. Am going to make a different schedule with a different name for each workgroup and see what happens. this may or may not make sense. Love the system but the more i deal with it the more I see that I would like changed. Need the ability to create a schedule in the time zone for the site it is applied to instead of being based off of the time zone of the hq server.


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              Time Zones

              What is funny is that shoretel got the "Hard Parts" 99% right and seemed to have missed on the items that are SO easy. Like being able to put in a date ranges in holiday schedules......or applying schedules to workgroups.

              Everything I find wrong with the system is stuff that one would think would be a piece of cake to fix.......

              I guess i should be happy that the core is solid as a rock.


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                I echo what eazeaz said about the easy things, it is hard to believe that we only just got group pick-up for example.

                Scheduling is another area that is really weak once you move away from the On-Hours schedule app, which is pretty slick. The timezone stuff can be a problem as well, especially if the offset changes when DST kicks in in at one site and not another.


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                  My next rollout is scheduled to be our Phoenix office, I am not digging the schedule issue with them. You would think with the product they have out of the box, some of these issues would be easy to fix. Sitting here waiting on the top of the hour to see if the central time zone location works...
                  At least I can drink at home... Budweiser anyone?


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                    For those keeping score at home, the schedules didn't apply correctly last night or this morning. Took the drastic step of re-creating both workgroups and schedules for all locations today. (PITA when you have several other items that point to those workgroups and use those schedules) As of now everything has worked tonight. Big test in the morning.


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                      Originally posted by southeasternMI
                      You are probably dealing with a bug, we are running 7.5 12.12.6113 and will not upgrade to 6117 hearing this.
                      ST 7.5 12.13.1328.0 is the most recent CR release.