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  • Multi-site non-MPLS environment challenge

    I have 20 sites that are connected via VPN tunnels to our data center. If I make the migration to Shoretel, how would I deploy VoIP in non-meshed network? Thanks!

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    Well, you can certainly deploy it in this model. With Internet connections and VPN tunnels, you are not going to be able to gaurantee QoS for the network.

    You can make this a bit better if your primary Internet traffic (inbound/outbound) is not going through the same connection that the VPN tunnels terminate to. Although, it may not matter much to you either. If your dial tone is local to all sites and you'll only use the WAN for occasional internal calls, the risk/reward maybe be worth it.

    Tough to really provide a lot of feedback without knowing more about your organization.

    What firewalls are you using?


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      As Chris mentioned, the ShoreTel system will function in your hub and spoke configuration. It doesn't care what the topology of the network is as long as it has a path to each site. However, not only do you not have full control of QOS over the VPN, but also when a call is placed from remote site to remote site, it has to do a double-vpn hop and call quality will likely suffer due to increased latency. You can compensate for the latency somewhat by increasing the inter-site jitter buffer, but then you may introduce additional delay that the users will notice during conversation, causing them to step on each other.

      I'm already talking over my head at this point, so I'll stop.