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  • Event ID 1121

    We have a 50v that spits out the following error on regular intervals (this same switch gets stuck in a processor loop, about once a month):

    Version: 14.41.1108.0
    Type: Error
    Date: 8/23/2010 11:26:05 AM
    Source: ShoreWare
    Category: (4) Voice Mail Port Manager
    Event ID: 1121

    The voice mail system has been unable to send a message to some servers for more than 90 minutes.[Stuck=1, Bounced=0, Double Bounced=0].
    See Vmail logs for details.

    After waiting almost 2 months, I got the following response from our VAR:

    there is no functional deficiency, therefore Shoretel is not taking it any further. It is an error code (among many) that they currently do not have an answer for.

    [COLOR="Red"]Has anyone else seen and dealt with this?[/COLOR]