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  • Need help with ShoreTel over VPN

    We have a ShoreTel system in our main office (currently v 10.1), and three remote offices that have a VPN to the main office. Each remote office uses a DSL connection with a SonicWall TZ-100. The TZ-100 creates a VPN connection back to the main office which has a 1.5Mbps T-1 connection with a SonicWall NSA 240. Each person uses an IP230 phone. The remote offices have two, two, and three people respectively.

    All calls from the main office to the outside are fine. All extension to extension calls from main office to remote offices are fine. Our trouble is with calls from remote offices to the outside. When the remote offices call or receive a call from the outside (client, home, cell phone, etc) the call quality is very poor. The outside caller reports that they cannot hear us, or that there is static or gaps of silence. These problems come and go throughout the course of the call. Conversely, we can hear the caller just fine the whole time.

    I would tend to think it may be related to the DSL, but I would think that if it was strictly the DSL connection, then that would affect our extension to extension calls as well. But those types of calls have been rock solid. I have made test calls from an outside line where I experience the quality problem, then immediately placed an extension to extension call where the quality was great.

    Our ShoreTel vendor has worked on this but we haven't gotten a solution yet. I would be grateful for any suggestions on what we could try to resolve this issue. We initially got ShoreTel with v9 and we have experienced this problem with both v9 and v10.

    I will gladly supply more information as needed.

    Thank you.

    -- Dan

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    That's a pretty odd set of circumstances. So the pieces involved here are the phones, the Shoretel Director, and the Shoretel switch. If you go from phone to phone across the VPN, you have no issues, so that eliminates the VPN or DSL connectivity, most likely. Instead the problem is from the remote phone to the switch. I would trace that path and test the heck out of each port and cable involved along the path. For example, it may be possible that the NSA router has a bad connection to the network switch that the Shoregear switch is on or something like that.


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      What types of trunks do you have to the outside? T1? Analog? SIP?


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        VPN call problems

        Your extension to extension calls may be treated with different codecs than the outside calls. Check your codecs.