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  • How to create a button for MAKE HUNT GROUP BUSY

    Anyone know how to create a button for "Make Hunt Busy" on the call manager or on the IP230 phone?

    (Make Hunt busy = *18 + the hunt group extension)

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    Unfortunately, the only good way I have found to do this was as follows:

    1. Create a loopback trunk of some kind (For example, I created an analog user and connected that port to an analog trunk).
    2. In the trunk group, set up an off system extension
    3. Specify a digit map on the trunk and add an entry for the OSE
    4. Manually edit the database to change that map to map it to the *18 code
    5. Restart TMS
    6. Program the button to dial that OSE


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      I really wanna' try this. But I'm not really clear. If you can help, that would be awesome!

      Step 3 - not sure exactly what you're referring to when you say "specify a digit map" on the trunk. Can you provide steps for this?

      Step 4 - Sorry, I lost you at "manually edit the database". Which database and how are you doing that? The MySql database?



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        3 - This is a translation table, the last option in the trunk group. Configure the table under System Parameters->Digit Translation Tables.

        4 - Yes, this is the Shoreware database. In v8 and later, this is stored in MySQL as the database shoreware in the table digittranslationentries.


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          Your instructions worked great for me Palitto. Now I have a button on my phones that allow me to busy/unbusy a hunt group. This allows me to switch to and from day/night mode. It's too bad I had to tie up a trunk and a analog phone port to do this though.