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  • Microsoft Online Services as IM Server?


    We have recently implemented a ShoreTel system in our new office and are currently using Microsoft Online Services to host our Exchange and Communications Server accounts. We would like to consolidate our Office Communicator, which is currently used only for IM functionality, with our ShoreTel call manager.

    It appears that this will work correctly but I keep receiving a message from MOCS claiming that my username and password was incorrect. Since we do not have direct access to our Communications server and Microsoft help is less than helpful (they say they do not support this functionality, so will not help) I was wondering if anyone has successfully done this.

    Please only respond if you have successfully integrated the Microsoft Online Services Hosting solution with an in-house ShoreTel implementation. I am aware of how to use MOCS when I have control of the box, but I need to know if I am just spinning my wheels trying to get the hosted solution to work.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Nick

    Did you ever manage to reliably use the BOPS Communication Cerver with Call Manager?



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      I was never able to get this working.