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  • PCM features not working after upgrade to 10.1

    Greetings all,

    I have reached the end of my rope on this one. I recently upgraded from 8.2 to 10.1.. the upgrade went very smoothly but then in a moment of weakness I mistakenly installed the call manager upgrade package on my shoretel server.. which hosed up the install.. after 5-6 hours of troubleshooting i was able to uninstall everything and reinstall the 10.1 upgrade package and all is working very well.

    except for the following...

    i have a state JFS (job and family services office) that uses the Shoretel system and the PCM quite extensively.. they are routed thru the state firewall back to the Shoreware server... the process is as follows:

    any requests from phone will hit the state firewall at 10.89.x.x that then gets routed over to the county shoreware server 10.10.x.x

    all worked fine before the update, since the update.. the PCM says the line is disconnected and the shoretel TAPI provider info gets populated with the 10.10.x.x shoreware server ip address... previously this info was populated with the state firewall ip address...

    not sure how to force teh TAPI provider to get the state I.P. address..

    any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Just trying to get my head around this.
    Is the 10.89.x.x device acting as a proxy or a router to the server at 10.10.x.x?
    Did it all work ok after the upgrade to 10.1 before you installed call manager on the server?


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      Thanks for responding...

      i cannot answer whether or not it worked prior to my messing up and installing the Call manager software on the server.. the upgrade was done after hours.. around 11:30 - midnight so no one was around to test it...

      i do know that after the upgrade and prior to installing the call manager on the server and rebooting the phones and switches to get the firmware upgrade all systems were green. then i got stupid and installed the call manager upgrade. after that and a server reboot.. everything showed red, but i think that was just an issue with the Director.. i believe the equipment was still up and running...

      hopefully i can explain this a bit better...

      the JFS user's phone will go to the state firewall.. the 10.89.x.x is natted t the county shoreware server (10.10.x.x) and pass it along and thru the state side and over to the county side.. in the perfect (prior to upgrade world) that request was made and then sent back and thru the state firewall and back to the JFS users phone.. and the TAPI info was populated with the 10.89.x.x address...all was good and perfect.
      now when that request comes back thru. the TAPI info is populated wtih 10.10.x.x.

      hope this helps


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        update..sort of

        Maybe I need to go about this a different way...

        basically what is happening is the Shoretel Remote TAPI service provider settings need to be the I.P. address of the JFS firewall.. but everytime we install the PCM that information gets populated with the I.P.address of the Shoretel Server on the county's side of things.. so for example

        the TAPI settings needs to be the State JFS I.P. of

        but it gets populated as the County I.P. of

        somehow suring the PCM installation it sends back the info and writes to the local PC registry the address of
        if i could get it to write the address i think it would work...


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          This seems to imply that there is some mechanism within the CSIS protocol which contains the IP address of the best place to point CSIS and TAPI.

          Can anybody comment on whether this is the case?