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  • T1 Fan Failure

    New to Shoretel. What is involved in a fan failure? And how do we rectify it? Do we have to replace the entire switch? We are a very small outfit.

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    We just had the same thing happen. Our partner was willing to provide a replacement fan for us that they had in stock, but since we're have a support contract we contacted ShoreTel who sent an advance replacement switch for us to configure and install.


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      Rebooting the switch could cause the fan to start working again.

      We had a fan failure, and was still covered under warranty. Rebooting didn't help in this case, but during the process of unracking and setting the switch up at my desk to clear the configure, it started working again.

      Vender said to replace it anyways since it was under warranty...

      If not cover under warranty, is the closet/office it's in pretty cool? If it never gets warm (like alot of closets do), then you probably don't need to worry.


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        I'm not sure I understand the question. If you are new to Shoretel, then you have a warranty. Shoretel will send a new switch (RMA), you install the new switch, remove the old switch and send it back to Shoretel.

        Go on their website and request and RMA, or have your partner do it, if you are not a partner.

        Or a search here, which is what all new people should do...type "fan" in the search box


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          We have had this happen 2 or 3 times and rebooting the switch has corrected the problem each time. As stated above there is a year warranty on hardware as far as I know. Which at first we were told that was based on manufacture date, but was later changed to ship date.