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  • Need a "Do Not Disturb" type of feature w/ Workgroups


    Our company has a need to forward incoming calls from one employee (the original recipient) to a first Workgroup, then to second Workgroup, then back to the original employee's Voicemail. We are actually accomplishing this with setting a first workgroup to point to a second workgroup which fails over to voicemail.

    The problem lies where members of the first Workgroup are out to lunch. The calls ring unnecessarily at their desks for three rings and then to the second Workgroup. It would be great if we could set them to some type of "do not disturb" state so that calls would just skip their phones. I realize this could probably be accomplished using the "logout" feature with the "workgroup agent license" but was hoping to accomplish it another way.



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    Are you using WorkGroups or Hunt Groups?

    If Workgroups and you are concerned about needing a license, get rid of the workgroups and use Hunt Groups, this sounds like a better fit for your set-up?

    If Hunt Groups, you can select the 'Skip If on the phone' and set the 'Busy' destination to be the next group and the same with the 2nd Hunt Group to go to Voicemail. You can even 'busy out' the Hunt Group, as needed.


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      Sounds great BUT more questions on that !

      Can you explain "busy out" the hunt group?

      I'm looking for options inside of the hunt group in the director. Is that the wrong place?

      Right now, when everyone in the hunt group is set to "out of office", the caller still hears rings as if someone's phone is ringing, but no phones are ringing because everyone is "out of the office".

      How can we make it to where if there is no one available in the huntgroup, it will skip the hunt group and go straight to the next thing in line? (hunt group/VM/etc.)

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        Can you explain why you are not waiting to "log out" of the workgroups? If people forget to log out, you can also enable the "auto logout if no answer" feature.

        You could also set a lunch schedule in the workgroup too.

        With Huntgroups, you can busy it out by dialing *18 (and then the hunt group extension). This will send all the calls to the Call Stack Full extension (if set). Dial the same thing to undo the "make busy".

        Busying out can also be done via the Shoreware Director
        QuickLook > (the site) > (the switch) , then in the hunt group section, you'll see where it says Command, and "Make Busy" or "Make Normal" is how you can switch it back and forth, but end users generally don't have access to the director.


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          Try these settings on the first hunt group:
          1 - set your call stack to be '1'.
          2 - choose betweeen 'Top Down' and 'Simultaneous'
          3 - Ask yourself - How many rings in this group before I go to the next Group? Then set your 'Rings per Member' and 'No Answer Rings'. If you go with 'Simultaneous' set rings per member and no answer rings to be the same.
          4 - Select 'Skip Member if already on the phone'
          5 - add your second Hunt Group to both Call Forward Destination Fields.
          6 - Repeat with the second Hunt Group, only add voicemail to the Call Forward Destination Fields.

          Note: Anytime all in both groups are forwarded, calls will go to voicemail.


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            More questions . . .

            To JASON C.
            We don't have workgroup agent licenses so we will have to use hunt groups and unfortunately the autologout after no answer is not available with hunt groups. Our lunches here vary widely so that wouldn't work either.

            To 59Deano
            The problem I have with the Hunt groups now is this: If all members of the hunt group are set to out of office, the caller still hears rings (I have it set to three) before it finally goes to voicemail. If no one's phone is actually ringing the one would hope the caller would just go straight to voicemail rather than hearing three rings that are ringing no where. Any ideas on that? And what does the call stack 1 accomplish? I set it to 8 and to 1 but don't see the difference.

            ANYONE KNOW HOW TO HAVE THE MAKE HUNT BUSY SET TO A BUTTON ON THE PHONE OR ON CALL MANAGER? (Make Hunt busy = *18 + the hunt group extension)


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              Hey Dusty:
              Sorry for the delay in a reply, been out of pocket or a while.

              Unfortunately, at this time we cannot put Hunt Group Busy on a button...not sure why.

              As far as the Call stack set to '1', instead of '8', this is another issue with ShoreTel. They don't like to give a busy signal. Setting it to '1' would make the 2nd and more callers get a busy treatment faster than it being set to '8' and thefollowing 9th or more callers.