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  • Calls in Queue

    When a call comes into our workgroup and nobody answers, it then goes to an overflow hunt group. IF nobody answers there, it comes back to the workgroup.

    IS there a way to make that call if it comes all the way back to go to the top of the queue to be the next one answered?

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    I think you might be able to overflow to another workgroup rather than a huntgroup. Set the no answer destination on the overflow workgroup to Queue and then after a period of time overflow that back to the original workgroup. There is a check box next to the Overflow/Interflow to Maintain Wait time which should keep their place in the queue.


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      Did this work for you..? We have a customer who believes when WG1 overflows to WG2, and then WG2 overflows back to WG1 - the call gets dropped. One theory is that the maintaining wait time calculation might be failing when wait time for the same queue is calculated twice - but we have not found that to be the case yet in testing.


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        We overflow to hunt groups to be more cost effective and can't maintain the wait time this way.


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          If the theory is that it is dropping due to the maintenance of the wait time calculation, it might be a good idea to try and utilize a hunt group or menu to kill the property of wait time from the call. By that, I mean either a hunt group with a bogus extension that automatically forwards without even ringing or a 0 second wait menu without prompts and an autoforward.

          This is pure conjecture as I don't know exactly how that works, but it's worth a shot.