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  • Voicemail Escalation profile times issue

    Hi All,

    Could anyone help advise on the possible cause of the following issue. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find any info other than whats in the Shoretel manuals.

    I have a customer in the UK who has installed an SGE1k and SG90 working on version 8.1 Build 13.24.5910.0 using a mix of 230 and 560 handsets. When using the voicemail escalation profile feature the next step timer doesn't always follow the actual time setup in director. i.e Step 1 set to 10 mins Step 2 set to 20 mins. Sometimes the escalation will go to the next step after a few seconds or even after about 30 mins. The issue isn't consistent to a range of voicemails nor at certain times of the day. It appears to be quite random and one of those sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work issues.

    Anyone else come across this?

    kind regards