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  • Trunk Group Access With Reassigned Extension

    We have two offices which we'll call Office XSmall and Office YLarge. Office XSmall is rather small and only 3 analog trunks serve that office. Because of the limited number of trunks, we do not want calls from Office YLarge to use those trunks, so the users in Office YLarge do not have access to the Office XSmall Trunk Group.

    This works just fine until someone from Office YLarge travels to Office XSmall and reassigns their extension. Then they try to make a local call and they get an error because they are not allowed to use the trunks from Office XSmall. We've considered making a special group for people who travel, but it's a dynamic group and we never know who is or isn't going to be in that office on a given day.

    Is there a way to allow the people from Office YLarge access to XSmall trunks when they are in the XSmall location?

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    Do users in office XSmall ever use trunks from YLarge? If not, you could grant the users from YLarge access to the trunks at XSmall, but give a higher weight to the trunks at YLarge so they are preferred.


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      XSmall (area code 513) users occassionally use YLarge trunks as part of the least cost routing when dialing numbers that are local to YLarge (area code 502). However,that's not critical and less of a problem than YLarge visitors in the XSmall office not being able to dial calls local to XSmall.

      So if I give YLarge trunks a higher weight, they won't use XSmall trunks even if the call is local to XSmall (essentially overriding the least cost routing)? What kind weight would I need to apply to the trunk group in order to make that happen? Both trunk groups (XSmall and YLarge) are analog lines.