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  • Additional phone option and SIP error message

    I’m trying to add a phone to an existing extension via the “Additional Phones” options. So a (analog) portable and a IP530 ring at the same time.

    When I add the extension I get an “An Extension has been chosen as an Additional phone above. This Extension must be a SIP extension”.

    It seems to give this error with both analog extensions and shoretel phone extensions. I thought you could add any phone as an Additional phone.

    Can anyone confirm you can only add SIP extensions?


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    In short "Yes" it does need to be a SIP extension. This is from the 10.2 Release notes:

    The Simultaneous Ringing and Call Move functionality is available to any ShoreTel user
    with a need for high visibility to their callers. It allows a ShoreTel user to configure up to 3
    pre defined phone devices that will ring simultaneously. The three devices are listed as one
    Preferred number, the users main ShoreTel extension, and up to 2 Additional numbers,
    which can be an external number, an Off System Extension or SIP extensions. The
    Simultaneous Ringing configuration is done through the user's Call Manager interface or

    from their user page in ShoreWare Director.


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      There are some good IP/DECT alternatives to the analogue portable now which will be SIP extensions.
      Take a look at the Polycom KIRK.


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        This seems like a real unsual limitation. Does anyone one know if it will support extensions in the future? Or better yet hunt groups? This is the perfect place to configure a "backup" person or group of people that can answer if I don't, but still end in my voicemail box if nobody answers.


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          I believe the intent of the feature is to support personal phones that are answered by the same person not for routing calls to alternative people.
          Scenario would be that the user has a wireless phone or a cellular phone.
          I accept though that an extension number is an extension number so I'm note sure why it isnt possible to route the calls to any extension number.


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            Just had our first support call for a system that was mis-sold using this functionality. Customer has analogue cordless handsets across their site and was sold 'SymalRing'. Ouch...


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              I know the license will cost more but you could always add an ATA and make the cordless work as a SIP extension.


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                The customer has three members in a HG/WG providing technical support. All three members have a cordless. They wanted the cordless handsets to ring at the same time as the desk phones, but when answered - the 'user' is now busy.

                SimulRing does not pass on group calls (WorkGroup or HuntGroup), so the cordless handsets are now members of the group in their own right. And so of course, WorkGroup doesn't make one member busy just because another is.

                SimulRing not such a clever feature...


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                  Found a bug also with the configuration in Director for this. ShoreTel now aware and I believe rectified in and above 15.42.3502.0

                  When you add an extension as one of your additional phones, notice how the activation field greys out (as it is not applicable to extension destinations - only to external destinations).

                  Turns out, whatever state this field was left in last (Accept call by answering OR Accept call by pressing 1) has an impact all the same. When you try to answer the call from your additional extension you just get silence and the caller is left trying your other destinations.

                  The default is Accept by pressing 1, so the workaround is:

                  i) Set an external destination as your additional phone
                  ii) Set Accept call by answering
                  iii) Save
                  iv) Set extension as your additional phone
                  v) Save