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  • apelocom
    Thanks for your explication, but I think i find it, it's when the members receive a call from the hunt group with no caller ID Name, the system ShoreTel name the hunt group in french AhZ de couverture.

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  • ShoreTel_Dave
    Is "Ahz de couverture" an entry in the system directory or an extension on the system?
    I have seen ShoreTel identify incoming calls with an entry in the directory when there are too many hunt group members.
    Look at your hunt groups and add together all the members of each hunt group (if a member is in more than one hunt group then count them again)
    If the number is greater than 16 per switch then you have too many. Either remove some members or move the hunt group to a switch with some more capacity.

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  • apelocom
    started a topic AhZ de couverture

    AhZ de couverture

    I installed a few System ShoreTel and couple of it the user receive call with caller ID name Ahz de couverture, but is always a different number. I dont why a see this caller ID name. My system is in french. If anybody have a tip about that, will help me.
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