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  • Monitored Extension and Multiple Calls

    I'm new to ShoreTel and have just encountered an issue with a Monitored Line.

    This line is the main switchboard number, which is monitored on one phone. We had two calls come in at the same time and both ended up being put on hold by the operator. As the caller ID was withheld, the operator was now unable to tell which call was which.

    Is there a way of identifying which is the first call and which is the second, or a better way of dealing with multiple calls on a monitored extension?

    Parking the call was mentioned to me, although I'm reading the manuals, I'm still a little hazy on how this would work in practice?

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    Hey Steven, not sure if you are using the term Monitoring correctly here..? From the sounds of it you have an operator that is presented either directly or via a group membership two external calls.

    Is this operator using Call Manager software..? You should be able to tell total duration of each call from the active call cells in the top of the window. A held call will show something like:

    WITHHELD NUMBER (On Hold - 00:30 / 00:45) where the first time value is time on hold and the second time value total call duration.

    A competent operator should be able to remember which caller they were dealing with first and therefore which held call is which..?

    If they are not using Call Manager, this functionality is available in Personal Call Manager which is 'free'.

    Hope that helps.