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  • Bogen tpu-15a

    Just switched to ShoreTel recently. We have an old Bogen tpu-15a amplifier for paging that was working on our old inter-tel system.

    I read other posts regarding requiring a stereo jack. Which wires would go to tip and which to ring?

    Any help or recommendations with how to connect this amp to the page port on a SG24A would be appreciated. Also any other equipment that may be needed? Had someone tell me the bogen wouldn't work. Think they just wanted to sell a new paging system.

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    the TPUs will work fine. attached a pinout description from the 7.5 install manual. I cheat and buy a stereo extension cord, plug that into a stereo-to-RCA splitter, then only have to cut and bean the amplifier end (too much else to do on an install to sit and solder wires and connectors. wire wrap too problematic).
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      thanks that helps alot.

      wish i had read about the stereo jack being required before the installer came out, as they couldn't get the thing to work. Would think they would know better than an end user.

      The old system used a rca jack, would have been much easier to use the converter, but that is hindsight.

      I got it working today before i read this ost just by switching cables around. I may try to make a new jack with some thicker wire and terminal ends.